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Author: Joseph G. Morelli, Carla Torres-Zegarra Model: 9780323680950
Highly visual and uniquely convenient, Pediatric Dermatology DDX Deck, 3rd Edition, Is the quickest, easiest way to compare and contrast 164 of the most common pediatric dermatologic diagnoses. Each card in this swatch-style deck includes full-color images and information about a particula..
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Author: Lewis-Jones Model: 9780198821304
Structured according to presentation and body site rather than diagnosis, making is quick and easy to access the information needed in a clinical settingHighly illustrated with over 325 full-colour clinical photographs to aid learning, understanding, and diagnosis New to this Edition: ..
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Author: J. Gordon Burrow, Keith Rome, Nat Padhiar Model: 9780702062230
Now in its 9th edition and fully updated to reflect 21st century podiatric practice Neale’s Disorders of the Foot and Ankle continues to be essential reading for students entering the profession, qualified podiatrists and other health care professionals interested in the foot. Written by a ren..
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Author: F. Stephen Hod Model: 9780323764834
This issue of Hematology/Oncology Clinics, Guest Edited by F. Stephen Hodi, is devoted to Melanoma. This issue is one of six selected each year by our series Consulting Editors, George P. Canellos and Edward J. Benz. Topics discussed in this important issue include: State of Melanoma, Biolog..
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Author: Alireza Sepehr Model: 9781907816970
Melanocytic Proliferations: A Case-Based Approach to Melanoma Diagnosis provides a practical, case-based approach to the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of this challenging area of dermatopathology. The incidence of melanoma has rapidly increased since the 1970s among young men and women..
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Author: Yosipovitch, Arendt-Nielsen, Andersen Model: 9781975153038
Providing for the first time a comprehensive overview of the common and different pathways and mechanisms of itch and pain, this unique title explores these two distinct and still somehow similar sensory experiences and utilize the cross-fertilization between the two fields to develop better..
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Author: James G. H. Dinulos Model: 9780323612692
Trusted by general dermatologists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and more, Habif’s Clinical Dermatology: A Color Guide to Diagnosis and Therapy provides superbly illustrated, easy-to-follow guidance on skin conditions commonly seen in practice. This bestselling ..
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Author: Freitag Model: 9781626238237
Highly practical eyelid surgery resource informs important reconstruction decisions and strategiesSkin malignancies frequently affect the periocular area, necessitating excision followed by eyelid reconstruction. Periocular trauma is also quite common, and because of the highly complex regiona..
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Author: Peter Soyer Model: 9780702068829
Pub. date: 13/3/2020Dermoscopy: The Essentials presents the practical guidance you need to master this highly effective, more economical, and less invasive alternative to biopsy. Drs. Peter Soyer, Giuseppe Argenziano, Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof, and Iris Zalaudek explain all aspects of perform..
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Author: David Gawkrodger, Michael R Ardern-Jones Model: 9780702079962
Dermatology: An Illustrated Colour Text is an ideal resource for today’s medical student, hospital resident, specialty registrar in dermatology or internal medicine, specialist nurse or family doctor. It presents the subject as a series of two page ‘learning units’, each covering important a..
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Author: André Braz, Thais Sakuma Model: 9783132427723
The quintessential visual guide to facial aesthetic enhancement and dermal filler injection techniques from top expertsIn-depth and detailed knowledge of anatomy, different facial shapes, and ethnic origins is essential to delivering safe, effective, natural, and harmonious aesthetic facial tr..
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Author: Rashmi Sarkar Model: 9789389188370
Dermal fillers are substances injected into the face to fill lines and add volume to areas such as the lips and cheeks. They are not permanent and usually last between six and eighteen months. Similarly, Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections relax the facial muscles to smooth out line and ..
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Author: Stephen E. Wolverton Model: 9780323612111
Designed with practical usability in mind, Comprehensive Dermatologic Drug Therapy, 4th Edition, helps you safely and effectively treat the skin disorders you’re likely to see in your practice. Dr. Stephen E. Wolverton and new associate editor Dr. Jashin J. Wu lead a team of global experts to br..
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Author: Carniol, Avram & Brauer Model: 9781684200139
The demand for minimally invasive facial procedures has increased exponentially over the past 20 years. In fact, an AAFPRS survey estimated that 80% of cosmetic facial procedures performed by their surgeons in 2019 were minimally invasive. Given the vast number of patients and underqualified..
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Author: MCFADDEN Model: 9781119405665
How to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis, perform and interpret patch tests, and select the best treatment options Written for a broad range of dermatologic professionals, Common Contact Allergens is a straightforward and useful guide that bridges the gap between detailed reference texts and..
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Author: Jayakar Thomas Model: 9789389188387
Dermatophytosis, also known as ringworm, is a fungal infection of the skin. Typically, it results in a red, itchy, scaly, circular rash. Hair loss may occur in the affected area. This atlas is an image bank of more than 500 photographs presenting the clinical features of fungal infectious d..
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Author: Paloma Tejero, Hernán PintoQS Model: 9781138305571
Paloma Tejero, MD, consultant and founding partner, Mediestetic Clinics, Toledo; codirector, courses for the degrees of Master of Aesthetic Medicine and Master of Quality of Life and Medical-Aesthetic Care of the Oncological Patient, University of Alcalá; instructor, classes in the degree of..
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With the ever-increasing popularity of injectable toxins and fillers, all clinical practitioners in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures need to be experts in the anatomy of the face. This is a detailed and informative guide from international experts to all aspects of the facial anatomy ..
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Author: Thomas Chang Model: 9780323733830
This issue of Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery will take a unique look at some of the top research currently underway across many of the top schools of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in the United States. The issue will be edited by our series Consulting Editor, Dr. Thomas Chang, ..
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Author: Othon Papadopoulos Model: 9783030187958
  About this book This book describes and illustrates the reconstructive surgical techniques appropriate in patients with skin cancer and melanoma, according to anatomic region, with a view to enabling readers to perform these techniques optimally. An extensive introductory section discus..
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