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Author: Cohen Model: 9780702079634
Designed for everyday use in the clinic, Bernard A. Cohen’s Pediatric Dermatology, 5th Edition, is a visually stunning, practical reference for anyone who treats children with skin disorders. Diagnostic algorithms, high-quality illustrations, and concise, easy-to-navigate text..
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Author: Margaret Bobonich Model: 9781975147839
The newly updated, abundantly illustrated Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians: A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, 2nd Edition is your comprehensive, evidence-based guide to accurate and successful assessment, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. ..
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Author: Nathalie C. Zeitouni, Faramarz H. Samie Model: 9780367431464
This textbook brings together experts in the field of transplant dermatology to review both state of the art and practical knowledge regarding the clinical presentation and management of the various cutaneous diseases seen in patients with solid organ transplant. Practicing dermatologists, t..
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Author: Macrene Alexiades and Amanda Zubek Model: 9781496344168
This new comprehensive reference is tailor-made for residents, surgeons, and dermatologists, and features the latest medical, cosmetic, and surgical treatments for a variety of skin conditions. Unlike many procedural references, Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery is organized by disorder,..
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Author: Cathy Thomas Hess Model: 9781496388094
Choose the best possible skin and wound care products to support your patients’ skin health and wound healing, with the invaluable Product Guide to Skin and Wound Care, 8th Edition. Listing 294 product in alphabetical order, this handy product guide for wound care practitioners across all prac..
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Author: James G. H. Dinulos Model: 9780323612692
Trusted by general dermatologists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and more, Habif’s Clinical Dermatology: A Color Guide to Diagnosis and Therapy provides superbly illustrated, easy-to-follow guidance on skin conditions commonly seen in practice. This bestselling ..
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Author: Suzan Obagi Model: 9780323653893
Part of the practical and dynamic Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series, Chemical Peels, 3rd Edition, brings you up to speed with today’s best uses of traditional and new acids for skin rejuvenation. This well-organized, superbly illustrated text covers every aspect of this must-know field..
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With the ever-increasing popularity of injectable toxins and fillers, all clinical practitioners in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures need to be experts in the anatomy of the face. This is a detailed and informative guide from international experts to all aspects of the facial anatomy ..
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Author: Sharon Baranoski and Elizabeth A. Ayello Model: 9781975128883
Looking for an up-to-date, how-to, evidence-based wound care reference? The newly revised Wound Care Essentials, 5th Edition is the comprehensive seminal resource, offering the latest evidence, guidelines and information to assist the interprofessional skin and wound care tea..
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Author: André Braz, Thais Sakuma Model: 9783132427723
The quintessential visual guide to facial aesthetic enhancement and dermal filler injection techniques from top expertsIn-depth and detailed knowledge of anatomy, different facial shapes, and ethnic origins is essential to delivering safe, effective, natural, and harmonious aesthetic facial tr..
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Author: Joseph G. Morelli, Carla Torres-Zegarra Model: 9780323680950
Highly visual and uniquely convenient, Pediatric Dermatology DDX Deck, 3rd Edition, Is the quickest, easiest way to compare and contrast 164 of the most common pediatric dermatologic diagnoses. Each card in this swatch-style deck includes full-color images and information about a particula..
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Author: David Gawkrodger, Michael R Ardern-Jones Model: 9780702079962
Dermatology: An Illustrated Colour Text is an ideal resource for today’s medical student, hospital resident, specialty registrar in dermatology or internal medicine, specialist nurse or family doctor. It presents the subject as a series of two page ‘learning units’, each covering important a..
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Vitiligo is a disorder having a significant impact in dark-skinned individuals. Along with the historical, cultural, and psychological aspects of the disease the multifactorial pathogenesis of this disorder is discussed in detail with special emphasis on the newer hypotheses proposed in the ..
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Author: Rashmi Sarkar Model: 9780367533625
As the comprehensive textbooks of Dermatology grow longer and more specialized, there is a need for a text to cut the subject back to the essentials a medical professional needs to know. This concise text from an internationally respected editor presents the most important points about the m..
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Author: Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand Model: 9781119431923
Microneedling is an increasingly common procedure in the day-to-day practice of dermatologists across the globe. Minimally invasive and requiring minimal downtime, the process can be used to address a range of cosmetic and dermatologic concerns, including rejuvenation of the skin, transderma..
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Author: Rubina Alves, Ramon Grimalt Model: 9780367427900
This book covers the aspects that will help someone starting a practice focused on hair disease or more senior practitioners needing an update on developments. World experts have here generously supplied the information needed, in an extremely practical way, to properly manage daily practice..
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Author: Richard Ashton, Barbara Leppard Model: 9780367085971
The ethos of this bestselling text is that however much or little you know about skin disease you can always arrive at the right diagnosis. The secret is to examine the surface of the rash or skin lesion which will help you classify the clinical features correctly - colour, surface features,..
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Author: Christine J. Ko Model: 9780323697255
Ideal for dermatologists, dermatopathologists, and trainees of all levels, Dermatology: Visual Recognition and Case Reviews, 2nd Edition, presents classic visual clues that point you to the correct diagnosis - the key first step in effective management and care. This..
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A succinct guide to treatment options, both medical and surgical, for both disorders and injuries of the nail. From reviews of the first edition:"This is a book about nail therapies that is relevant clinically while remaining a manageable size. It would be a useful tool for all clinicians manag..
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Rook's Dermatology Handbook condenses a wealth of clinical expertise into its accessible, user-friendly guide to the diagnosis and management of dermatological disorders. With its contents carefully selected from the much-respected Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology, this invaluable resource c..
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