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Allergy & Immunology

Author: Robert G. Lahita Model: 9780128205839
Completely updated, revised, and expanded with the most comprehensive and accessible reference on SLE for clinicians and scientists Full-color presentation throughout the book Provides the latest information available on diagnosis and treatment Incorporates an international panel of authors wh..
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Author: Abeer Feteih, Michael Fein, Natacha Tardio Model: 9781032004457
The Manual of Allergy and Clinical Immunology provides brief clinical summaries of complex and emerging topics encountered in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. As knowledge in the specialty is rapidly evolving, this book condenses this material while maintaining an evidence-based ap..
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Ace your medical courses and pass the Boards with the most up-to-date review of medical microbiology and immunology! This trusted, popular guide provides a high-yield review of the most important aspects of microbiology and immunology in a concise yet comprehensive style. Review of Medical M..
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Vaccinology and Methods in Vaccine Research is a combination of cutting-edge methodologies, experimental approaches and literature reviews. The book covers all aspects of vaccine development, including basic immunology (focusing on the stimulation of adaptive immunity, which is required for vaccine ..
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Author: Michael Laposata, Peter McCaffrey Model: 9781260470284
Master 100 of the most commonly performed lab tests!! Clinical Laboratory Methods covers the 100 tests most often done in clinical labs. The description of each method covers the basic concept of the assay; clinically important information; the expense of the test (based cost of the reagents, sup..
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This third edition of the bestselling Microbe textbook is an eloquent and highly readable introduction to microbiology that will engage and excite science majors and pre-health professionals. The authors have carefully crafted a lively narrative with stunning, detailed illustrations to bri..
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Author: Jennifer Louten Model: 9780323905657
Essential Human Virology, Second Edition focuses on the structure and classification of viruses, virus transmission and virus replication strategies based upon type of viral nucleic acid. Several chapters focus on notable and recognizable viruses and the diseases caused by them, including influenza,..
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Author: Nancy A. Brunzel Model: 9780323711975
Learn how to accurately analyze urine and body fluids with Fundamentals of Urine and Body Fluid Analysis, 5th Edition. Known for its clear writing style, logical organization, and vivid full-color illustrations, this renowned text offers the perfect level and depth of information for under..
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Author: Nima Rezaei Model: 9780128180068
Clinical Immunology not only introduces the reader to the human immune system, it also covers immunology from clinical manifestation to therapeutic approaches in a wide range of conditions. Each chapter describes an introduction, the clinical manifestations, the immunopathogenesis, diagnosis, lab te..
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Author: Lauren M. Sompayrac Model: 9781119890683
How the Immune System Works provides a concise and accessible overview of how the immune system protects us from disease. Written in a lively and engaging style, this unique book makes it easy to see the big picture of the immune system—without any confusing jargon or complex technical de..
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Author: Christopher Chang Model: 9780323950619
Allergic and Immunologic Diseases: A Practical Guide to the Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of Allergic and Immunologic Diseases is a valuable resource for researchers and others involved in the day-to-day practice of allergy and immunology, with specific information, protocols and algorithms t..
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Perform today’s important lab tests safely and accurately! With test entries organized the way you’ll use them, Mosby’s® Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference makes it fast and easy to look up current testing information. Concise monographs are arranged alphabeti..
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Author: Abul Abbas, Andrew Lichtman, Shiv Pillai Model: 9780443105197
Meticulously reviewed and updated for today’s medical students, Basic Immunology, 7th Edition, is a concise text expertly written by the same distinguished author team as the best-selling, comprehensive text, Cellular and Molecular Immunology. This focused, easy-to-understand volume has been f..
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Author: Abhay Prakash Mishra, Manisha Nigam Model: 9781119878025
Parasitic diseases are considered as an important public health problem due to the high morbidity and mortality rates, particularly in countries where climate and level of economic development create serious challenges to the creation of public health infrastructure, thus can make parasitic infectio..
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Author: John G. Toffaletti, Craig R. Rackley Model: 9780323899710
Blood gas tests are a group of tests that are widely used and essential for the evaluation and management of a patient’s ventilation, oxygenation, and acid-base balance, often in emergent situations, and along with blood gases are other critical care analytes measured on blood: calcium, magnes..
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Author: Edin Pujagic Model: 9780323872317
Filling the need for a clinically relevant, concise, and affordable infectious disease exam preparation tool, A Case-Based Review of Infectious Disease offers a practical, proven approach to increasing your understanding and knowledge of this critical area of medicine. This comprehensive text is bot..
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Author: Edward S. Schulman Model: 9780323961714
Table of Contents: Gestational Development of the Human Immune System Longitudinal Changes in Upper and Lower Airway Function in Pregnancy Maternal Macro- and Micronutrient Intake During Pregnancy: Does It Affect Allergic Predisposition in Offspring? Advancing Expo..
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Author: Darci R. Block Model: 9780443185311
Quick Guide to Body Fluid Testing, Second Edition comprehensively covers the latest updates in three parts devoted to preanalytic considerations such as collection, labeling, handling, transport, specimen pretreatment, test ordering practices, analytic validation and postanalytic considerations. Thi..
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The fully updated new edition of the classic textbook, introducing the pathophysiology and management of immunological disorders!! Chapel and Haeney’s Essentials of Clinical Immunology contains the knowledge necessary to understand the diagnosis and treatment of immunological disorders..
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