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Author: Davis Model: 9781433831478
Eastern spirituality has exerted considerable influence on the fields of counselling and psychology through the use of mindfulness-based practices. This book serves as a practical introduction to integrating mindfulness-based practices in therapy.Eastern spirituality has exerted considerable i..
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Author: Davis Model: 9780323524834
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Author: Davis Model: 9780323341257
  Description Now thoroughly up to date with new chapters and new multimedia resourc..
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Author: Davis Model: 9780891896463
This second edition has been updated with respect to current regulations, changes in old regulations and evolving standards of practice. It is written at a level that works for an undergraduate student as well as a practising laboratory professional who wants to perfect a facility's safety p..
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Author: Davis Model: 9781444154344
  Includes the latest diagnostic techniques Provides comprehensive coverage from diagnosis, management and treatment of the condition through to control and prevention Supplies a unique yet comprehensive synopsis and highly readable for all TB healthcare workers whether in publ..
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Author: Davis Model: 9781455711277
Covering aseptic technique and how to prepare sterile products, Sterile Processing for Pharmacy Technicians ensures safety, accuracy, and correctness of medications. Reflecting American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) competencies, this comprehensive book provides principles and gu..
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Author: Davis Model: 9781556428661
For over a decade, Dr. Carol Davis opened the minds of health care professionals worldwide to the idea of complementary therapies in rehabilitation. The pages of this renowned text covered evidence for efficacy in therapy, prevention, and wellness unlike any other text. It is the first of its kind p..
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