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Alex Jones, Jeffrey Janis

Global Rhinoplasty: A Multicultural Approach
Author: Alex Jones, Jeffrey Janis Model: 9781626238916
A unique ethnocentric guide to rhinoplasty anatomy and techniques from globally renowned experts In order for a facial plastic surgeon to create a harmonious relationship between the face and nose, it’s paramount to consider each patient’s ethnicity and gender identity. Nasal anatomy ..
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Author: Alex Jones, Jeffrey Janis Model: 9781684200900
A must-have companion resource to test knowledge of plastic surgery essentials!! Essentials of Plastic Surgery: Q&A Companion, Second Edition by renowned plastic surgeons Alex P. Jones and Jeffrey E. Janis mirrors expanded content and new chapters in the parent book, Essentials of P..
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Author: Alex Jones, Jeffrey Janis Model: 9781975161330
Recognizing that many skin disorders have a predilection to occur at specific sites, Goodheart’s Same- Site Differential Diagnosis, 2nd Edition, is organized in a convenient, head-to-toe fashion so physicians can quickly reach a differential diagnosis between skin disorders that are often co..
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