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J. Gayle Beck, Denise M. Sloan

The Oxford Handbook of Traumatic Stress Disorders, 2nd Edition
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Author: J. Gayle Beck, Denise M. Sloan Model: 9780190088224
The experience of traumatic events is a near-universal, albeit unfortunate, part of the human experience. Given how many individuals are exposed to trauma, it is interesting to question why some individuals are resilient in the face of trauma while others go on to develop chronic post-traumatic stre..
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Rheumatology, Hochberg, 2-Volume Set, 8E
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Author: J. Gayle Beck, Denise M. Sloan Model: 9780702081330
Description: Covering both the scientific basis of rheumatology and practical, clinical information for rheumatologists and trainees, Rheumatology, 8th Edition, remains a leading text in this fast-changing field. Dr. Marc Hochberg and his team of worldwide editors and authors k..
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