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Veterinary Surgical Oncology

Veterinary Surgical Oncology
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Veterinary Surgical Oncology
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The new edition of the most comprehensive resource on surgical oncology, covering both basic and advanced surgical oncology procedures in small animals

Veterinary Surgical Oncology is a detailed, highly illustrated reference to surgical treatment of cancer in small animal patients. Designed to provide in-depth coverage of surgical procedures, the book also includes useful information on diagnostic testing, complications, aftercare, outcomes, prognosis, and adjuvant or alternative therapies to assist veterinary surgeons and veterinary oncologists with decision making. Contributions by leaders in the field discuss the principles of surgical oncology, multimodal therapy, and interventional radiology, and describe surgical techniques in all anatomical structures.

Now in its second edition, Veterinary Surgical Oncology is fully revised and incorporates new material, including a brand-new chapter discussing the anatomic, functional, and ethical limits of surgical oncology procedures. This edition contains expanded coverage of interventional oncology with discussion of these techniques in relevant chapters, additional surgical procedures, as well as more information regarding other modalities, including extravasation of chemotherapy and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on wound healing. Additional surgical procedures are supported by new figures, improved images, and up-to-date information. This authoritative surgical oncologic textbook:
* Emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment that integrates diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alternative therapies, and cancer biology
* Provides new and expanded sections by specialist medical oncologists, surgeons, and a specialist neurologist that cover all the latest advances in the field
* Includes more than 800 high-quality images and illustrations
* Features a new companion website with videos

Veterinary Surgical Oncology, Second Edition remains essential reading for all practicing veterinarians, as well as specialists and trainees in veterinary surgery, oncology, and internal medicine.

The editors

Simon T. Kudnig, BVSc, MVS, MS, FACVSc, DACVS, is an ACVS Founding Fellow of Surgical Oncology and Referral Surgeon at the Animal Referral Hospital in Victoria, Australia.

Bernard Séguin, DVM, MS, DACVS, is an ACVS Founding Fellow of Surgical Oncology, ACVS Founding Fellow of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Professor of Surgical Oncology at the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

S. T. Kudnig, Melbourne Veterinary Referral Centre

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