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Clinical Examination of the Hand An Evidence-Based Approach

Clinical Examination of the Hand An Evidence-Based Approach
Clinical Examination of the Hand An Evidence-Based Approach
  • Author: Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780367647162
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Pages: 338
  • Dimensions: 17Χ24
  • Year Published: 2022
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Book Description

This handbook brings together the basic elements of hand and upper limb cases, from examination to clinical diagnosis of various hand and upper limb related diseases. It improvises the examination skills of the reader with proficiency to arrive at a provisional diagnosis for the given hand surgery and related diseases. The chapters are presented with simple language, clinical pictures, tables and embedded videos for readers. Written by contributors across the globe, this book is useful for trainees, graduates, postgraduates, and fellows who intend to brush up on their basics and excel in hand surgery.

Key Features
• Focuses on examination of hand and upper limb cases.
• Serves as an illustrated reference of clinical examination for trainees, graduates, post-graduates and fellows.
• Uses high-quality operative videos to demonstrate the clinical examination of various diseases of the hand and upper limb.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
J. Terrence Jose Jerome

2. Clinical Examination: history taking and arriving at a clinical diagnosis
J. Terrence Jose Jerome

3. Physical examination of the hand
J. Terrence Jose Jerome

4. Motor Neurological Examination of The Hand and Upper Limb
G. Karthikeyan
5. Sensory Examination
J. Terrence Jose Jerome

6. Dupuytren’s contracture: Clinical Examination and Classifications
Patrick Houvet

7. Digital deformities in rheumatoid arthritis: physical assessment and clinical classifications
Patrick Houvet

8. Peripheral nerve Examination
 A.Radial nerve palsy
 Mohammed Tahir Ansari, Santanu Kar, Devansh Goyal, Dyuti Deepta Rano, Rajesh Malhotra

 B. Median nerve palsy
 J. Terrence Jose Jerome, Dafang Zhang

 C. Ulnar nerve palsy
 Chaitanya S. Mudgal, Nikhil Agrawal

9. Wrist examination: A Focused Approach
Shav Rupasinghe and Raj Murali

10. Examination of the Ulnar Side of the Wrist
R. Glenn Gaston, Samuel Cohen-Tanugi

11. Compression neuropathy

 A. Carpal tunnel, Guyon's canal, cubital tunnel syndrome
 J. Terrence Jose Jerome

 B. Radial tunnel syndrome
 Vijay A Malshikare, J Terrence Jose Jerome

 C. Thoracic outlet syndrome
 Jorge G. Boretto, Ignacio Rellán and Franco De Cicco

12. Brachial plexus examination
Janice He, Bassem Elhassan and Rohit Garg

13. Elbow/forearm examination
Vaikunthan Rajaratnam, Timothy Teo Wei Wen, Usama Farghaly Omar

14. Examination of the Shoulder
Theodore Guild1, Neal Chen

15. Instruments and Implants in Hand Surgery
Anil K Bhat, Ashwath M Acharya, Mithun Pai.G

16. Radiology of the Wrist and Hand
Anil K Bhat, Ashwath M Acharya, Mithun Pai.G

17. Congenital Hand
Takehiko Takagi



Dr. J. Terrence Jose Jerome., MBBS, FRCS(G) DNB(Ortho), MNAMS, FNB(Hand & Microsurgery), FICS, European Diploma in Hand Surgery, PGDMLE( Law School, Bengaluru), MCh(Ortho) the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Hand and Microsurgery, and Chief of Department of Orthopedics, Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery
Olympia Hospital & Research Centre, Trichy, India.

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