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Orthopaedic Examination Techniques: A Practical Guide, 3E

Orthopaedic Examination Techniques: A Practical Guide, 3E
Orthopaedic Examination Techniques: A Practical Guide, 3E
  • ISBN: 9781108796705
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Pages: 364
  • Dimensions: 24X19
  • Year Published: 2022
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Orthopaedic Examination Techniques comprehensively covers the basic examination skills and key special tests needed to evaluate the adult and paediatric musculoskeletal system. Chapters are presented in a clear and logical way to allow readers to understand then master the techniques of orthopaedic clinical examination. Written by a diverse group of chapter authors with extensive experience in teaching clinical examination and who use a uniform system that is taught on national courses, every aspect of musculoskeletal examination is covered in the adult and paediatric patient. Numerous illustrations and new clinical photographs help readers to visualise and understand the key techniques, and five new chapters at the end of the book demonstrate the value of clinical examination through more than 80 clinical case examples. Easy-to-follow throughout, this book is invaluable reading for trainee orthopaedic surgeons, especially those preparing for the FRCS (Tr&Orth) postgraduate examination, practising orthopaedic surgeons, medical students, physiotherapists, and rheumatologists.

  • Includes numerous clinical case examples, allowing readers to apply clinical examination skills to real-life cases.
  • Contains many new colour illustrations, helping readers to visualise and more easily master the techniques of orthopaedic clinical examination.
  • Each chapter starts with a summary of the steps in the examination process, enabling readers to memorise these steps and build on this base knowledge as they read the rest of the chapter.
  • Each chapter ends with an ‘advanced corner’ with additional information, encouraging readers to gain further knowledge on practical application of clinical examination skills and more advanced tests.

List of Contributors viii
Preface to 3rd edition xi
Foreword to 2nd edition xiii
Foreword to 3rd edition xv
Acknowledgements xvii
About the authors xviii
1 General Principles of Orthopaedic Clinical
Examination 1
Oghor Obakponovwe, Stanley Jones and
Fazal Ali
2 Examination of the Shoulder 13
Shantanu Shahane and David Limb
3 Examination of the Elbow 35
Simon Booker, David Stanley and Amjid
4 Examination of the Wrist 50
Stephen Bostock and Meg Birks
5 Examination of the Hand 63
Michael Gale and Joe Garcia
6 Examination of the Peripheral Nerves in the
Hand and Upper Limb 89
Kate Brown, L. Chris Bainbridge and John
E. D. Wright
7 Examination of the Adult Spine 112
Antonia Isaacson, James Tomlinson and
Neil Chiverton
8 Examination of the Hip 133
Paul Banaszkiewicz and Ian Stockley
9 Examination of the Knee 153
Jeevan Chandrasenan, Derek Bickerstaff
and Fazal Ali
10 Examination of the Foot and Ankle 172
Jimmy Ng, Yulanda Myint and
Nick Harris

11 Examination of the Brachial Plexus 193
Fazal Ali, Joe Garcia, Armughan Azhar
and Simon Kay
12 Orthopaedic Examination Techniques in
Children 213
James A. Fernandes
13 Examination of the Spine in Childhood 242
A. L. Rex Michael and Ashley Cole
14 Paediatric Clinical Cases 252
Caroline M. Blakey, Shomari Webster-
Prince and James A. Fernandes
15 Spine Clinical Cases 268
Daine Clarke, James A. Fernandes and
Jonathan A. Clamp
16 Upper Limb Clinical Cases 284
Simon Robinson, John E. D. Wright and
Vijay Bhalaik
17 Lower Limb Clinical Cases 300
Faiz Shivji, Thomas Kurien, Karen
Robinson and Fazal Ali
18 Orthopaedic Cases in the Developing
World 316
Charlene Chin See, Shashikanth
Vokkaleri, Ravikumar
Shankarlingegowda and Stanley Jones
Index 340

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