Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke

Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke


Practical for clinical use, this book contains diagnosis and management strategies for all disorders observed in stroke patients.

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The ever-improving emergency care of those who have suffered serious cerebrovascular disease has shifted the treatment objective towards helping sufferers regain independence - meaning that there is an increased need to understand, manage and treat the residual deficits. The Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke focuses on the diagnosis and management of behavioral and cognitive problems in patients with cerebrovascular disease. Written to be practical for clinical use, the book contains diagnosis and management strategies for all disorders observed in stroke patients, including acute and later problems, and aiming to minimize long-term disability. All important information related to each disorder is summarized in key-point tables. Fully updated throughout and containing five new chapters, this new edition brings the book up to date with the major advances of the last five years. This book will be of value to all clinicians caring for stroke patients, neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, neurorehabilitationists and a wide range of therapists.


Part I. Vascular Cognitive Impairment: 1. Introduction: what is vascular cognitive impairment? Jose G. Merino and Vladimir Hachinski
2. Vascular cognitive impairment in the memory clinic Paige Moorhouse and Kenneth Rockwood
3. Vascular cognitive impairment in the stroke unit and after the acute stage Olivier Godefroy, Claire Leclercq and Martine Roussel
Part II. Analytic Approach: The Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke: 4. Cognitive and behavioral disorders according to stroke site and side Isabel P. Martins, Lara Caeiro and Jose M. Ferro
Section 1. Motor and Gestural Disorders: 5. Movement and gestural disorders: abnormal movement and motor behavior Luc Defebvre and Pierre Krystkowiak
6. Limb apraxia: a disorder of gesturing and object use Tim Vanbellingen and Stephan Bohlhalter
Section 2. Aphasic, Arthric, Calculation, and Auditory Disorders: 7. Vascular aphasias Alexandre Croquelois and Olivier Godefroy
8. Dysarthria Pascal Auzou
9. Alexia and agraphia in acute chronic stroke Argye E. Hillis
10. Acalculia Laurent Cohen and Stanislas Dehaene
11. Auditory disorders related to strokes Bernard Lechevalier, Jany Lambert, Sylvain Moreau, Herve Platel and Fausto Viader
Section 3. Hemineglect, Anton-Babinski, and Right Hemisphere Syndromes: 12. Hemispatial neglect Patrik Vuilleumier and Arnaud Saj
13. Anosognosia and denial after right hemisphere stroke Phillippe Azouvi and Anne Peskine
14. Asomatognosia: disorders of the bodily self Sebastian Dieguez and Jean-Marie Annoni
15. Disorders of visuoconstructive ability Diane Dupuy and Olivier Godefroy
16. Topographical disorientation Bertille Perin and Olivier Godefroy
Section 4. Visual Agnosia and Balint's Syndrome: 17. Cortical blindness Alain Vighetto and Pierre Krolak-Salmon
18. Balint's syndrome Alain Vighetto and Pierre Krolak-Salmon
19. Prosopagnosia Thomas Busigny, Eugene Mayer and Bruno Rossion
20. Object and color agnosia Georg Goldenberg
Section 5. Executive and Memory Disorders: 21. Dysexecutive syndromes Olivier Godefroy and Donald T. Stuss
22. Disorders of episodic memory Michael P. Alexander and Chun Lim
23. Working memory dysfunction in stroke patients Abid Qureshi and Argye E. Hillis
Section 6. Behavoral and Mood Disorders: 24. Alterations of level of consciousness related to stroke Marc D. Reichart
25. Akinetic mutism and related disorders Didier Leys and Hilde Henon
26. Delirium and confusional state in stroke patients Hilde Henon and Didier Leys
27. Delusion, mania and personality changes Pierre Thomas
28. Depression after stroke and cerebrovascular disease Maree Hackett
29. Fatigue after stroke Mansur A. Kutlubaev and Gillian E. Mead
Part III. Dementia and Management of Vascular Cognitive Impairment: 30. Vascular dementia Hugues Chabriat and Olivier Godefroy
31. Cognitive and behavioral assessment of vascular cognitive impairment Sandra Black and David Nyenhuis
32. Treatment of patients with post-stroke dementia Marie-Anne Mackowiak and Florence Pasquier

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