Advances in Food and Nutrition Research , Volume 91

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research , Volume 91

  • Contains contributions that have been carefully selected based on their vast experience and expertise on the subject
  • Includes updated, in-depth, and critical discussions of available information, giving the reader a unique opportunity to learn
  • Encompasses a broad view of the topics at hand
Table Of Contents:

1. Polyphenols in the management of brain disorders: Modulation of the microbiota-gut-brain axis
Diana Serra
2. Protein and amino acids in skeletal muscle health in aging
Anna E. Thalacker-Mercer
3. Chemical Composition and Health Properties of Coffee and Coffee By-Products
Carlos Ricardo Soccol Sr.
4. Seaweed and seaweed-derived metabolites as prebiotics
Wei Zhang
5. Bioactive Potential of Fruit and Vegetable Wastes
Dan Cristian Vodnar
6. Ohmic Heating as a Promising Technique for Extraction of Herbal Essential Oils: Understanding Mechanisms, Recent Findings, and Associated Challenges
Mohsen Gavahian
7. Next generation Sequencing and Food Safety
David Rodriguez-Lazaro
8. Advanced lipid-based biosensors for food analysis
Georgia-Paraskevi Nikolelis

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