Practical Manual of Interventional Cardiology

Practical Manual of Interventional Cardiology


The second edition of this essential book provides a practically applicable manual to a variety of procedures in interventional cardiology keeping up to date with the advancements in percutaneous interventions. All included chapters identify areas that have significantly developed, and feature step-by-step user guides for the latest cardiac intervention techniques for the treatment of various conditions and the use of devices. Many new tops have been discussed such as left main coronary interventions and how to use Cangrelor in patients requiring P2Y12 inhibition after surgery. New topics covered include how to select patients for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), and appropriately apply in-stent restenosis methodologies.


Practical Manual of Interventional Cardiology systematically describes the use of a range of simple and complex interventional cardiology procedures, and the challenges associated with utilizing these techniques. It is therefore ideal for use by practicing and trainee cardiologists seeking an easily accessible reference to apply in their everyday clinical practice.


Angiography Antiplatelet Antithrombotic Therapy Bifurcation Cardiac Catheterization Cardiac Interventions FFR Hemodynamic Assessment Interventional Cardiology Intracoronary Devices Intravascular Ultrasound Mitral Stenosis Mount Sinai Heart Optical Coherence Tomography PCI Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Regurgitation Rotablation Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Vascular Access Vascular Closure Devices

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-1

    1. Gurpreet S. Johal, Reza Masoomi, Joseph Sweeny
      Pages 3-10
    2. Gurpreet S. Johal, Nitin Barman
      Pages 11-33
    3. Gurpreet S. Johal, Sunny Goel, Annapoorna Kini
      Pages 35-49
    4. Tarun Jain, Annapoorna Kini
      Pages 51-60
    5. Amit Hooda, Gurpreet S. Johal, Usman Baber
      Pages 61-70
    6. Gurpreet S. Johal, Samin K. Sharma
      Pages 71-80
    7. Gurpreet S. Johal, Amit Hooda, Samin K. Sharma
      Pages 81-91
    8. Rohit Malhotra, Gurpreet S. Johal, Samin K. Sharma
      Pages 93-102
    9. Rohit Malhotra, Yuliya Vengrenyuk, Annapoorna Kini
      Pages 103-117
    10. Reza Masoomi, Gurpreet S. Johal, Annapoorna Kini
      Pages 119-141
    11. Reza Masoomi, Gurpreet S. Johal, Annapoorna Kini
      Pages 155-166
    12. Reza Masoomi, Sahil Khera
      Pages 167-186
  2. Coronary Intervention

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 187-187
  3. Tarun Jain, Annapoorna Kini
    Pages 189-197
  4. Amit Hooda, Annapoorna Kini
    Pages 199-208
  5. Sunny Goel, Gurpreet S. Johal, Annapoorna Kini
    Pages 209-217
  6. Radha Mehta, Annapoorna Kini
    Pages 219-225
    1. Coronary Intervention

      1. Radha Mehta, Samin K. Sharma
        Pages 227-239
      2. Lorenzo Azzalini, Gurpreet S. Johal, Annapoorna Kini
        Pages 241-257
      3. Amit Hooda, Joseph Sweeny
        Pages 259-266
      4. Hemal Bhatt, Samin K. Sharma
        Pages 267-274
      5. Raman Sharma, Samin K. Sharma
        Pages 275-291
      6. Tarun Jain, Nitin Barman
        Pages 293-302
      7. Raman Sharma, Samin K. Sharma, Annapoorna Kini
        Pages 303-318
    2. Special Procedures

      1. Front Matter
        Pages 319-319

      1. Hemal Bhatt, Lorenzo Azzalini, Samin K. Sharma
        Pages 321-326
      2. Keisuke Yasumura, Annapoorna Kini, Samin K. Sharma
        Pages 327-334
      3. Hemal Bhatt, Gurpreet S. Johal, Gregory Serrao
        Pages 335-369
      4. Parasuram Krishnamoorthy, Nagendra Boopathy Senguttuvan, Samin K. Sharma, Annapoorna Kini
        Pages 371-402
      5. Sunny Goel, Annapoorna Kini, Samin K. Sharma
        Pages 403-411
      6. Nagendra Boopathy Senguttuvan, Gurpreet S. Johal, Samin K. Sharma, Annapoorna Kini
        Pages 413-422
      7. Nagendra Boopathy Senguttuvan, Parasuram Krishnamoorthy, Gilbert H. L. Tang, Annapoorna Kini
        Pages 423-433
      8. Parasuram Krishnamoorthy, Gurpreet S. Johal, Annapoorna Kini
        Pages 435-440
      9. Gurpreet S. Johal, Amit Hooda, Reza Masoomi, Annapoorna Kini
        Pages 441-449
    3. Back Matter
      Pages 451-460

      About the editors

      Annapoorna Kini serves as a Professor of Medicine, Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Director of Interventional Structural Heart Disease Program, and Director of Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she was named Zena and Michael A. Wiener Medicine Professor in 2016. She researches the field of percutaneous coronary intervention and transcatheter heart valve procedures.


      Dr. Samin K. Sharma is an interventional cardiologist performing the highest number of complex coronary interventions annually with the highest angioplasty success rate in New York State. Dr. Sharma is responsible for operational issues related to Cardiology at the main campus and in the Mount Sinai network. He also increases Mount Sinai's network of affiliated cardiologists in the tri-state area. As Dean for International Clinical Affiliations, Dr. Sharma serves as Mount Sinai’s clinical representative to develop relationships and affiliations worldwide.

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  • Εκδότης: Springer
  • ISBN: 9783030685379
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  • Έτος Έκδοσης: 2021
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