Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing in the UK

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing in the UK

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing in the UK is an adaptation of Australia and New Zealand’s foremost mental health nursing text and is an essential resource for both mental health nursing students and qualified nurses. Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current research and the UK guidelines as well as the changing attitudes about mental health, mental health services and mental health nursing in UK.

Set within a recovery and patient framework, this text provides vital information for approaching the most familiar disorders mental health nurses and students will see in clinical practice, along with helpful suggestions about what the mental health nurse can say and do to interact effectively with patients and their families.

  • Gives readers a thorough grounding in the theory of mental health nursing.
  • Case studies throughout the text allow readers to understand the application of theory in every day practice.
  • Includes critical thinking challenges and ethical dilemmas to encourage the reader to think about and explore complex issues.
  • Exercises for class engagement complement learning and development in the classroom environment.
Table Of Contents:


Preparing for psychiatric and mental health nursing

The effective nurse

Recovery as the context for practice

Historical foundations

Professional, legal and ethical issues

Settings for mental health


Influences on mental health

Mental health theory and influence across the lifespan

Trauma, crisis, loss and grief

Physical health


The people with whom mental health nurses work

Mental health and wellness

Working with families in mental health

Disorders of childhood and adolescence

Mental disorders of older age

Learning disabilities

Forensic mental health nursing


Mental disorders that people experience

Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders

Mood disorders

Personality disorders

Anxiety, trauma and stress-related disorders

Eating disorders

Substance use and comorbid mental health disorders


What mental health nurses can do to help

Mental health promotion, prevention and primary healthcare

Assessment in mental health nursing

Challenging behaviour, risk and responses

Therapeutic interventions




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