Sexual Health, Fertility, and Relationships in Cancer Care

Sexual Health, Fertility, and Relationships in Cancer Care

  • Discusses sexuality, intimacy, and fertility in the contexts of cancer treatment and survivorship
  • Includes clinical cases to demonstrate direct application of treatment methods
  • Toolkit format enables quick reference during everyday clinical practice

Sexual Health, Fertility, and Relationships in Cancer Care provides clinical management guidelines for the impact of cancer and oncology treatments on sexual health, fertility and relationships. Employing a practical toolkit format, this volume addresses a spectrum of key topics including: provision of onco-fertility and sexual health support, LGBTQ+ issues, support for adolescents and young people, effective psycho-educational/psycho-sexual interventions, and managing relationships for individuals and couples.

Part of the Psycho-oncology Care: Companion Guides for Clinicians series, this concise pocket guide is an ideal resource for cancer medical specialists, psycho-oncologists in training, specialist nurses/nurse consultants, and allied health professionals to use as a quick reference in everyday practice. Pitched at intermediate to advanced level skills, this companion guide can be used as a standalone, or alongside existing oncology and psycho-oncology training programs.

Table of Contents

1. Provision of Onco-Fertility Support
Annette Hasenburg, Joachim Weis, Roxana Schwab, Andrea Kiemen

2. Provision of Sexual Health Support
Jane Ussher, Janette Perz, Alex Hawkey

3. Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Issues [LGBT]
Karolina Lisy, Nick Hulbert-Williams, Jane Ussher, Alison Alpert, Charles Kamen, Michael Jefford

4. Adolescents/Young People and Cultural Issues
Jennifer Ford, Catherine Benedict, Vicky Lehmann, Zeba Ahmad

5. Psycho-sexual/Psycho-educational Issues: Effective Interventions
Michelle Peate, Ilona Juraskova

6. Managing relationships and psychosexual therapy for Individuals
Daniela Wittman

7. Managing relationships/psychosexual therapy for Couples
Talia Zaider, David W. Kissane

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Ετικέτες: Oncology, Fertility, Sxual Health