Sirtuin Biology in Cancer and Metabolic Disease, Cellular Pathways for Clinical Discovery

Sirtuin Biology in Cancer and Metabolic Disease, Cellular Pathways for Clinical Discovery

  • Chapters are authored by internationally recognized experts who elucidate the intimate relationship between cancer and metabolic disease that intersects with sirtuin pathways
  • Presents the basic and clinical role of sirtuins in regard to cancer and metabolic disease
  • Summarizes the multidiscipline views and publications for this exciting field of sirtuins for the development of new clinical treatments for cancer and metabolic disease
  • Provides a vital foundation for a broad audience of healthcare providers, scientists, drug developers, and students in both clinical and research settings
Table Of Contents:


Section I: Sirtuins and metabolic disease

1. Sirtuins in metabolic disease: innovative therapeutic strategies with SIRT1, AMPK, mTOR, and nicotinamide
Kenneth Maiese

2. Sirtuins in metabolic and epigenetic regulation of stem cells
Yi Fang and Xiaoling Li

3. Sirtuins and metabolic regulation: food and supplementation
Sérgio Henrique Sousa Santos, Victor Hugo Dantas Guimarães, Janaina Ribeiro Oliveira, and Luiz Fernando Rezende

4. Sirtuins in diabetes mellitus and diabetic kidney disease
Kultigin Turkmen

5. Sirtuins and mitochondrial dysfunction
Jian-Li He, Tian-Shi Wang, and Yi-Ping Wang

6. Sirtuins in immunometabolism
Hongxiu Yu

7. Mitochondrial sirtuins at the crossroads of energy metabolism and oncogenic transformation
Maja Grabacka and Przemyslaw M. Plonka

Section II: Sirtuins and cancer

8. Sirtuins and the hallmarks of cancer
Talita H.B. Gomig, Tayana S. Jucoski, Erika P. Zambalde, Alexandre L.K. Azevedo, Daniela F. Gradia, and Enilze M.S.F. Ribeiro

9. The bifunctional roles of sirtuins and their therapeutic potential in cancer
Yeuan Ting Lee, Yi Jer Tan, Pei Yi Mok, Ayappav. Subramaniam, and Chern Ein Oon

10. Sirtuins and next generation hallmarks of cancer: cellular energetics and tumor promoting inflammation
Robert Kleszcz and Wanda Baer-Dubowska

11. Sirtuins and cellular metabolism in cancers
Zhen Dong and Hongjuan Cui

12. Dual role of sirtuins in cancer
Margalida Torrens-Mas and Pilar Roca

13. Sirtuin signaling in hematologic malignancies
Ryan A. Denu

14. Impacts of sirtuin1 and sirtuin3 on oral carcinogenesis
Shajedul Islam, Yoshihiro Abiko, Osamu Uehara, Yasuhiro Kuramitsu, and Itsuo Chiba

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