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Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy - Subcutaneous, Sublingual, and Oral 6th Edition

Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy - Subcutaneous, Sublingual, and Oral 6th Edition
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Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy - Subcutaneous, Sublingual, and Oral 6th Edition
  • Author: Lockey
  • ISBN: 9780815382218
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Pages: 578
  • Year Published: 2020
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The sixth edition of Lockey and Ledford's Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy continues to provide comprehensive coverage of all types of allergens and allergen vaccines, providing clinicians the essential information they need to accurately diagnose and manage all allergic conditions. With new and updated chapters, the sixth edition is the most up-to-date, single resource on allergy and immunotherapy.

Key Features

  • Completely revised and updated
  • Detailed single source reference on allergy and immunotherapy
  • Reorganized to provide clinicians with essential information to make diagnoses and offer the best treatments

Table of Contents


Section I Basic Concepts

Chapter 1 Historical Perspectives of Allergen Immunotherapy

David Fitzhugh, Sheldon G. Cohen (Deceased), and Richard Evans III (Deceased)

Chapter 2 Aeroallergen Sampling

Estelle Levetin and Josh D. McLoud

Chapter 3 Definition of an Allergen (Immunobiology)

Lauren Fine

Chapter 4 Allergen Nomenclature

Heimo Breiteneder, Richard Goodman, Martin D. Chapman, and Anna Pomés

Chapter 5 Immunologic Response to Various Forms of Allergen Immunotherapy

Umit Murat Sahiner, Mohamed H. Shamji, Sakura Sato, Ozge Soyer, Stephen J Till, Motohiro Ebisawa, Mübeccel Akdis, and Stephen R. Durham

Chapter 6 In Vivo Testing

Richard W. Weber

Chapter 7 Serologic (in vitro) and Component Testing Methods in the Diagnosis of Human Allergic Disease

Robert G. Hamilton

Chapter 8 Nasal, Bronchial, Conjunctival, and Food Challenge Techniques and Epicutaneous Immunotherapy of Food Allergy

Mark W. Tenn, Matthew Rawls, Babak Aberumand, and Anne K. Ellis

Chapter 9 Local Mucosal Allergic Disease

Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia, Paloma Campo, and Carmen Rondón

Section II Allergens: Inhalation, Ingested, and Injected

Chapter 10 Tree Pollen Allergens

Rosa Codina, Fernando Pineda, and Ricardo Palacios

Chapter 11 Grass Pollen Allergens

Robert E. Esch

Chapter 12 Weed Pollen Allergens

Michael Hauser, Gabriele Gadermaier, Sabrina Wildner, Lisa Pointner, Michael Wallner, and Fatima Ferreira

Chapter 13 Fungal Allergens

Robert Esch, Jonathan A. Bernstein, and Hari Vijay

Chapter 14 Mite Allergens

Enrique Fernández-Caldas, Leonardo Puerta, Luis Caraballo, Victor Iraola, and Richard F. Lockey

Chapter 15 Cockroach and Other Inhalant Insect Allergens

Anna Pomés and Coby Schal

Chapter 16 Mammalian Allergens

Tuomas Virtanen and Marja Rytkönen-Nissinen

Chapter 17 Food Allergens

Anusha Penumarti and Mike Kulis

Chapter 18 Hymenoptera Allergens

Rafael I. Monsalve, Te Piao King, and Miles Guralnick

Chapter 19 Biting Insect and Tick Allergens

Donald R. Hoffman and Jennifer E. Fergeson

Chapter 20 Occupational Allergens

Loida Viera-Hutchins, Andrew M. Smith, and David Bernstein

Section III Immunotherapy Techniques: Production, Preparation and Administration of Allergen Immunotherapy

Chapter 21 Manufacturing Pollen and Fungal Extracts

Robert E. Esch, Rosa Codina, Fernando Pineda, and Ricardo Palacios

Chapter 22 Manufacturing Arthropod and Mammalian Allergen Extracts

Enrique Fernández-Caldas, Eva Abel Fernández, Jonathan Kilimajer, and Seong H. Cho

Chapter 23 Manufacturing Food Extracts

Natalie A. David, Anusha Penumarti, and Jay E. Slater

Chapter 24 Regulation of Allergen Extracts in the United States

Jennifer Bridgewater, Jay E. Slater, and Ronald L. Rabin

Chapter 25 Manufacturing and Standardizing Allergen Extracts in Europe

Jørgen Nedergaard Larsen, Christian Gauguin Houghton, Manuel Lombardero Vega, Hendrik Nolte, and Henning Løwenstein

Chapter 26 Indications for and Preparing and Administering Subcutaneous Allergen Vaccines

Harold S. Nelson

Chapter 27 Preparing and Administering Sublingual Allergen Vaccines

Miguel Casanovas, Jonathan Kilimajer, and Enrique Fernández-Caldas

Chapter 28 Sublingual and Oral Food Immunotherapy: Indications, Preparation and Administration

Whitney Block, Sayantani B. Sindher, Vanitha Sampath, and Kari Nadeau

Chapter 29 Indications for and Preparing and Administering Hymenoptera Vaccines

David B.K. Golden, Farnaz Tabatabaian, Ulrich Müller-Gierok, and Richard F. Lockey

Chapter 30 Recombinant and Modified Vaccines and Adjuvants Used for Allergen Immunotherapy

Jeffrey Stokes and Thomas B. Casale

Section IV Clinical Application of Allergen Imunotherapy and Biological Therapy for Allergic Diseases

Chapter 31 Adherence and Cost-Effectiveness of Subcutaneous Immunotherapy and Sublingual Immunotherapy

Dana V. Wallace and John Oppenheimer

Chapter 32 Biologics in Allergic Disease

Tara Saco and Farnaz Tabatabaian

Chapter 33 Unproven and Epicutaneous and Other Investigational Forms of Immunotherapy

Haig Tcheurekdjian and Abba I. Terr

Section V Recognition, Management, and Prevention of Adverse Effects of Allergen Immunotherapy

Chapter 34 Adverse Effects and Fatalities Associated with Allergen Skin Testing and Subcutaneous Allergen Immunotherapy

Andrew S. Bagg and Richard F. Lockey

Chapter 35 Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment of Adverse Effects Associated with Sublingual Immunotherapy

Giovanni Passalacqua, Diego Bagnasco, and Walter Canonica

Chapter 36 Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment of Adverse Effects Associated with Oral Allergen Immunotherapy

Jennifer A. Dantzer and Robert A. Wood

Chapter 37 Instructions and Consent Forms for Subcutaneous Allergen Immunotherapy

Shiven S. Patel, Linda Cox, and Richard F. Lockey

Chapter 38 Recognition, Treatment, and Prevention of Systemic Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

Emma Westermann-Clark, Stephen F. Kemp, and Richard D. deShazo

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