Cellular Endocrinology in Health and Disease, 2E

Cellular Endocrinology in Health and Disease, 2E

  • Explores endocrine cells biology in normal and pathologic conditions
  • Covers new aspects of endocrine cell function in distinct tissues
  • Provides a view into the biological effect in local and systemic levels
  • 15 new chapters covering the recent developments in the field

Table Of Contents:

1. Thyroid hormone receptors and their role in cell proliferation and cancer"
2. The molecular cell biology of anterior pituitary cells
3. Sensing calcium levels -the biology of the parathyroid cell
4. The biology of pituitary stem cells
5. The Na(+)/I(-) symporter and biosynthesis of thyroid hormones
6. The FSH signaling network in Sertoli cells
7. Epigenetics and pituitary cell growth
8. Epigenetics and metabolic abnormalities
9. Unraveling the mechanisms underlying GnRH pulse generation: test of the proposed role for KNDy neurons
10. Proteomics and Cellular Signaling
11. Transcriptome analysis of adrenocortical cells in health and disease
12. Bone as an endocrine organ
13. The control of steroidogenesis of adrenocortical cells
14. The adipocyte as endocrine target
15. Insulin secreting cell lines: potential for research and diabetes therapy
16. The architecture of human pancreatic islets as revealed by molecular imaging
17. Computational models to decipher cell signaling pathways
18. The regulation of theca cell-granulosa cell dialogue by endocrine and paracrine factors
19. Unraveling the mechanism of action of the GnRH pulse generator: the TAC3/TAC3R-dinorphin-Kiss1/Kiss1R neuronal connection
20. Endocrinology of the single cell
21. Altering aberrant intracellular trafficking of cell surface membrane receptors by pharmacological chaperones
22. Deiodinases: taylors that suit intracellular thyronine demands
23. Micro RNAs and non-coding RNAs in beta-cell function

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