Gerontological Nursing 10th edition, International Edition

Gerontological Nursing 10th edition, International Edition
Focusing on the content that students need to know for effective practice, this text offers evidence-based coverage of the aging process, factors contributing to healthy aging, and unique aspects of disease presentation and management in older adults. Content is logically organized in five units that provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of the aging process and guide students through the complexities of gerontological care. The tenth edition retains the text’s acclaimed holistic approach through insightful coverage of the psychosocial, legal, ethical, and spiritual elements of patient care, with updated content throughout to help students meet the challenges of a changing healthcare environment and an increasingly diverse population. This edition also includes Next Generation NCLEX®-Style Case Studies and Questions, which help students review important concepts and practice for the next generation NCLEX®, as well as Unfolding Patient Stories that correlate directly to simulated patient scenarios in vSim® for Nursing | Gerontology, which equip students with a consistent, realistic experience in patient interaction and enhanced preparation for practice.  
  • UPDATED! Revised content throughout reflects the latest research findings and emphasizes relevant nursing implications.
  • NEW! Next Generation NCLEX®-Style Case Studies and Questions related to chapters on clinical topics help students review important concepts and practice for the next generation NCLEX®.
  • NEW! Unfolding Patient Stories, written by the National League for Nursing, engage students in meaningful conversations on patient care and tie into corresponding patient scenarios in vSim® for Nursing | Gerontology and Lippincott® DocuCare for enhanced preparation for practice. 
  • Concept Mastery Alerts improve students’ understanding of potentially confusing topics, as identified by Lippincott’s Adaptive Learning Powered by PrepU.
  • Bringing Research to Life features highlight the clinical relevance of current, evidence-based research. 
  • Consider This CasePractice Realities, and Critical Thinking Exercises demonstrate the real-life applications of concepts in the text. 
  • In-text learning aids — including Chapter Outlines, Learning Objectives, Terms to Know, Communication Tips, Points to Ponder, Key Concepts, and Chapter Summaries — help students master important material.
  • Nursing Problem Highlights provide overviews of common nursing problems, covering causes to interventions in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Nursing Care Plans outline nursing problem, goal, and action for selected health conditions, giving students practical models for effective health care planning.
  • Assessment Guides walk students through general observation, the history-taking interview, and the physical examination.
  • Engaging, open design makes content approachable and retains students’ interest. 
  • Focus on caring for the whole person helps nurses across the spectrum of care confidently and effectively care for older adults in any setting.
Ensure a mastery of essential nursing skills and equip students for success throughout the nursing education continuum with the complete Gerontological Nursing, Tenth Edition solution:
  • Lippincott® CoursePoint+
  • vSim® for Nursing | Gerontology 
  • Lippincott® DocuCare

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  • Συγγραφέας: Charlotte Eliopoulos
  • Εκδότης: Wolters Kluwer
  • ISBN: 9781975167776
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  • Έτος Έκδοσης: 2021
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