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Hands Heal Communication, Documentation, and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists, Fifth edition

Hands Heal Communication, Documentation, and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists, Fifth edition
Hands Heal Communication, Documentation, and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists, Fifth edition
  • Author: Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781496378620
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
  • Pages: 432
  • Dimensions: 276.230 x 212.
  • Year Published: 2018
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This 5th Edition of Hands Heal offers massage therapy students comprehensive coverage of communication, assessment, and electronic and paper documentation skills, from taking client histories and setting functional goals to documenting treatment outcomes. Reflecting the latest changes in the curriculum and the profession, the book is more ELAP compliant, includes changes to ICD-10 and CPT codes, and updates to HIPAA regulations. The new edition incorporates the effect of the Affordable Care Act on manual therapists and offers increased emphasis on communication with doctors and other healthcare providers. Integrated electronic charting (EHR) coverage, new case studies and new case study types, and compelling new online videos help students master course concepts and prepare for practice.
NEW! THREADED CASE STUDIES introduced at the beginning of each chapter, integrated throughout the chapter, and brought to life by online videos make extensive use of in-book and online charting forms to help students prepare for practice and strengthen critical thinking skills.
NEW SELF-CONTAINED CASE STUDIES explore a wide variety of scenarios, including the use of private insurance, labor/industry accidents, personal injury, and general wellness, as well as chronic and acute conditions and hospital-based and palliative care/end of life scenarios.
NEW EHR COVERAGE! Procedures for effective documentation using today’s electronic health record solutions is now integrated throughout the book.
NEW! INCREASED ELAP COMPLIANCE: To provide alignment with ELAP, this edition includes additional learning aids, including learning objectives and end-of-chapter questions, and offers increased coverage of research and research literacy.
A VARIETY OF SAMPLE FORMS, including: charting forms, intake forms, measurement tools, soap charts and wellness charts, and forms to track insurance billing provide templates for use and highlight correct document procedures.
RESEARCH-BASED: In addition to incorporating recent research throughout the book; the chapter on interviewing skills is grounded in research; the ethics chapter includes a section on research ethics; and a complete chapter is devoted to researching and writing case reports.
FOCUS ON IMPORTANT WORDS AND PHRASES: Important words appear in bold type when introduced and are gathered into a comprehensive glossary. Important phrases are italicized and represent what can be written on the SOAP charts.
PRACTICE-ORIENTED. Boxes throughout the book offer advice on how to handle different situations, highlighting real challenges practicing massage therapists have encountered in practice.
COMPREHENSIVE CASE STUDIES in an appendix help students apply concepts from every chapter.
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