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Immunology, 9th Edition

Immunology, 9th Edition
Immunology, 9th Edition
  • Author: Male, Peeble, Male
  • ISBN: 9780702078446
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Pages: 432
  • Dimensions: 216 X 276 mm
  • Year Published: 2020
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Covering all the basic and clinical concepts you need to know for your coursework and USMLEs, Immunology, 9th Edition, offers a well-illustrated, carefully structured approach to this complex and fast-changing field. Carefully edited and authored by experts in both teaching and research, it provides cutting-edge, consistent coverage that links the laboratory and clinical practice. A user-friendly, color-coded format, including key concept boxes, explanatory diagrams, and nearly 200 photos to help you visually grasp and retain challenging concepts.


Explains the building blocks of the immune system - cells, organs, and major receptor molecules - as well as initiation and actions of the immune response, especially in a clinical context.

Features a reorganized format that presents immunology in the order in which is typically taught and learned, better integrating basic and clinical immunology.

Provides Critical Thinking boxes, chapter-opening summaries, and case-based and USMLE-style questions that provide effective review and quick practice for exams - plus more learning opportunities online, including USMLE-style questions and clinical cases.

New To This Edition:

Includes extensive updates to clinical information, including recent clinical approaches in cancer immunology, transplantation, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, and more.

Covers new topics such as innate lymphoid cells, antibody-based therapies and antibody engineering, innate immunity and its components, the genetics of immunologically-based diseases and personalized medicine, and immunotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer.

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Table Of Contents:

SECTION 1 The Immune System and Innate Immunity

1 Introduction to the Immune System

2 Cells, Tissues and Organs of the Immune System

3 Mechanisms of Innate Immunity

4 Complement

5 Mononuclear Phagocytes in Immune Defence

SECTION 2 Adaptive Immune Responses

6 T-Cell Receptors and Major Histocompatibility Complex Molecules

7 Antigen Presentation

8 Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity

9 B-Cell Development and the Antibody Response

10 Antibodies

11 Immunological Tolerance

12 Regulation of the Immune Response

13 Immune Responses in Tissues

SECTION 3 Defence Against Infectious Agents

14 Immunity to Viruses

15 Immunity to Bacteria and Fungi

16 Immunity to Protozoa and Worms

17 Vaccination

SECTION 4 Immunodeficiency

18 Primary Immunodeficiencies

19 AIDS, Secondary Immunodeficiency and Immunosuppression

SECTION 5 Immune Responses Against Tissues

20 Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Disease

21 Transplantation and Rejection

22 Immunity to Cancers

SECTION 6 Hypersensitivity

23 Immediate Hypersensitivity (Type I)

24 Hypersensitivity (Type II)

25 Hypersensitivity (Type III)

26 Hypersensitivity (Type IV)

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