Personalized Nutrition as Medical Therapy for High-Risk Diseases

Personalized Nutrition as Medical Therapy for High-Risk Diseases

Personalized nutrition involves the formulation of individualized nutritional recommendations to promote and maintain health based on an individual's genetic makeup and other unique intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Implementing personalized nutrition plans for individuals with certain diseases or who are in danger of developing health conditions could help control the onset and severity of symptoms. Personalized Nutrition as Medical Therapy for High-Risk Diseases offers a practical guide for physicians seeking to provide tailored dietary recommendations to their patients with disease treatment, modulation and prevention in mind.


The book focuses on the biological mechanisms of specific diseases and provides evidence for how personalized nutrition positively impacts them. It explores conditions including cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, hypercholesteromia, diabetes, obesity, Crohn's disease, as well as multiple pediatric, renal and psychological disorders.



·        Includes case studies that document how people respond differently towards food depending on their genetic structure and other factors.

·        Discusses genome wide association studies (GWIMS) to understand the interplay between genetic susceptibility and dietary interactions.

·        Provides users information to effectively implement personalized nutrition into practice.

·        Identifies possible challenges to the implementation of personalized nutritional interventions in a clinical setting.


This book is for medical practitioners and will also appeal to researchers and students.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Dilip Ghosh

2. Personalized Nutrition: The New Era of Nutrition

Diego Accorsi et al.

3. Personalised Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease – from Concept to Realisation

Marcella O’Reilly et al.

4. Diet and Hypertension

Balázs Varga et al.

5. Roles of Daily Diet and Beta-adrenergic System in the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes

Ebru Arioglu Inan and Belma Turan

6. High-carbohydrate Diet Induced Metabolic Syndrome in the Overweight Body: Association between Organ Dysfunction and Insulin Resistance

Belma Turan and Erkan Tuncay

7. Caloric Restriction in Obesity and Diabetic Heart Disease

Edith Hochhauser, Maayan Waldman and Michael Arad

8. Personalised Nutrition in Children with Crohn Disease

Andrew S Day

9. Personalised Nutrition in Chronic Kidney Disease: A New Challenge

Piccoli Giorgina Barbara

10. Personalized Nutrition in Hypercholesterolemia

Aktarul Islam Siddique and Nalini Namasivayam

11. Omega-3 Fatty Acids in the Prevention of Maternal and Offspring Metabolic Disorders

Olatunji Anthony Akerele and Sukhinder Kaur Cheema

12. Challenges to the Clinical Implementation of Personalized Nutrition

Diego Accorsi and Nilanjana Maulik

13. The Importance of Personalized Nutrition in Psychological Disorders

Gulsah Kaner

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