Practical Radiotherapy: Physics and Equipment, 3rd Edition

Practical Radiotherapy: Physics and Equipment, 3rd Edition

Now in its third edition, Practical Radiotherapy continues to keep pace with current and emerging technologies, patient pathways, and the rapidly expanding role of therapeutic radiographers.

Extensively revised and updated, this accessible book examines all the essential aspects of radiotherapy, from the physics and mathematics of radiation beams, to in-depth descriptions of the equipment used by radiotherapy practitioners, to new and expanded coverage of MR-linac and Halcyon technology, proton therapy, stereotactic body radiotherapy, sealed-source verification and quality assurance for MV equipment.

  • Covers all the core information essential to radiotherapy practice
  • Describes the major aspects of therapeutic radiography in a practical context
  • Includes images, diagrams, supplemental reading suggestions and more radiotherapy-specific examples
  • Features expanded coverage of legislation, advanced treatment delivery, flattening filter free treatment and more

Practical Radiotherapy is a valuable resource for radiotherapy and medical physics students, radiotherapists, therapeutic radiographers, radiation therapists, clinical oncologists and oncology nurses.

Table of contents

List of Contributors vii

Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgement of Previous Contributors xiii

1 Introduction to Radiotherapy Practice 1
Angela M. Duxbury and Anne J. Jessop

2 Mathematical Skills Relevant for Radiotherapy Physics, Atomic Structure, and Radioactivity 7
Erica Chivers

3 X‐ray Production 23
Dora Meikle and Gareth Hill

4 Radiation Detection and Measurement 35
Jan Chianese and Fiona Chamberlain

5 X-ray Interactions with Matter 47
Kathryn Cooke

6 Principles of Imaging Modalities 59
Caroline Wright, Katheryn Churcher, and Jonathan McConnell

7 Principles of Treatment Accuracy and Reproducibility 111
Nick White and Helen P. White

8 Radiotherapy Beam Production 145
David Flinton

9 Principles and Practice of Treatment Planning 195
Pete Bridge

10 Image‐guided Radiotherapy and Treatment Verification 221
Cath Holborn and Ros Perry

11 Quality Management in Radiotherapy 241
Renee Steel

12 Radiation Protection 255
Pete Bridge

13 The Use of Radionuclides in Molecular Imaging and Molecular Radiotherapy 267
Paul Shepherd OBE and Terri Gilleece

14 Brachytherapy Physics and Equipment 289
Gemma Burke

Index 305

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