Reproductive Immunology, Basic Concepts

Reproductive Immunology, Basic Concepts

  1. The role of the immune system during pregnancy: General concepts
  2. Presentation and recognition of placental, fetal, and pathogen-derived antigens in human pregnancy
  3. Uterine macrophages: Essential roles for a successful human pregnancy
  4. Natural killer cells in reproduction: Before, during and after pregnancy
  5. To B (e) born: New concepts concerning B cells throughout pregnancy
  6. Neutrophils: Diverse functions in the endometrium of cycling women and during pregnancy
  7. Regulatory T cells: Master regulators for the success of pregnancy
  8. Immunology of the decidua
  9. Mechanism of glucocorticoid action in immunology-Basic concepts
  10. Endocrine control of mucosal immunity in the human female reproductive tract: Bridging implantation with pathogen protection
  11. The nature of the immune response in microbial-associated and sterile intraamniotic inflammation
  12. Autoimmunity, regulatory T cells, and pregnancy: Maintaining the balance
  13. Mucosal immunology of the female reproductive tract and its regulation by female sex hormones
  14. Toll-like receptors and NOD-like receptors at the implantation site
  15. Hofbauer cells and placental viral infection
  16. Gamma/delta T cells in pregnancy
  17. Placental regulation of immune functions
  18. TAM receptors in pregnancy
  19. The epigenetic regulation of the immune system during pregnancy
  20. Interactions between the epithelial barrier and the microbiota in the reproductive tract
  • Shows the detailed evaluation of the knowledge related to each immune cell type in the pregnant and not pregnant uterus
  • Evaluates each immune cell type and its function during specific reproductive events
  • Provides the biological background for understanding the clinical aspects that will be discussed in subsequent volumes in the series
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