Suicide Prevention 3rd Edition

Suicide Prevention  3rd Edition

Over recent years research into suicidal behaviour has burgeoned, and the third edition of this successful pocketbook reflects major developments in the evidence base and clinical practice.

New chapters cover risk assessment and system-wide approaches to suicide prevention, and the role of clinical guidelines and national policies is also considered. This edition features extensive updates to the epidemiology of suicidal behaviour across the world, and also considers the individual and societal causes of suicide, particularly the effect of recent economic downturns in many countries. The chapter on biological factors includes the current research on the genetics and neuroscience of suicide. The chapters on interventions discuss the latest evidence from systematic reviews and new randomized controlled trials and highlight implications for clinical practice. The positive and negative impacts of the web and social media on suicidal behaviour are a major focus of research activity and new sections have been included to reflect this. The 'Frequently Asked Questions' section was well received in the previous edition and this has been revised further to include new/updated FAQs on euthanasia, assisted suicide, and suicide martyrdom.

Part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library series, this useful handbook is an invaluable resource and quick-reference guide.

Table of Contents

1: A brief history of suicidal behaviour
2: Definitions
3: Epidemiology
4: What causes suicidal behaviour?
5: Psychiatric disorders and biological factors
6: Psychosocial and societal influences on suicidal behaviour
7: Initial assessment and management
8: Risk assessment for suicide
9: Psychological and other non-pharmacological approaches
10: Pharmacological approaches
11: The role of health services and systems
12: Preventing suicide through population based approaches
13: Bereavement after suicide
14: Frequently asked questions
15: Conclusion
16: Clinical examples
17: Useful links

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