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The Immunology of the Fetus 1st Edition

The Immunology of the Fetus 1st Edition
The Immunology of the Fetus 1st Edition
  • Author: Gerard Chaouat
  • ISBN: 9780367246877
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Pages: 336
  • Year Published: 2019
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First published in 1989, this book provides information on the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal immunodeficiencies. It includes a survey on the "riddle of the fetal allograft". Also discussed in the text are Ontogeny, immunological aspects of differentiation, and treatment of spontaneous abortion. This book is useful to predoctoral students, researchers in obstetrics, animal husbandry, and reproductive immunology.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Questions on the Emergence of T-Cell Repertoires. Dynamics of Immunoglobulin and T-Cell Receptor Genes Recombinations during Lymphocyte Development. Ontogeny of Antigen-Presenting Cells. Ontogeny of Mast Cells. Expression of Major Histocompatibility Antigens on Fetal and Placental Cells. Differential Regulation of Placental Surface Antigens in the Rat. Sexual Differentiation: Immunological Aspects. Prenatal Diagnosis and Early Treatment of Immunodeficiencies in Man. Primary Immunodeficiencies. Antigenic Status of Trophoblast in Humans and Mice. Modulation of Immune Responses by Different Factors Extracted from Placenta. Immunoregulatory Factors Secreted by Human or Murine Placenta or Gestational Tumors. Decidua-Placenta Immunologic Interactions. Maternal Immunological Recognition of the Conceptus. Placental Immunotrophism: The Idea and the Evidence. Mother-Derived Selection of Immune Repertoires: Nongenetic Transmission of Developmental Choices. The Transfer of Passive and Active Immunity. Suppressor Cell Activity in Human Cord Blood. Alphafetoprotein Down-Regulates Ia Antigen Expression on Thyroid Cells. Possible Role of Trophoblast in Preeclampsia. Intraspecies Animal Models of Murine Abortion and Treatment by Lymphocyte Immunization. Xenogeneic Donkey-in-Horse Pregnancy Created by Embryo Transfer: Immunological Aspects of a Model of Early Abortion. Immunogenetics of Recurrent Abortions in Experimental Animals and in Humans. The Immunological Approach to the Treatment of Human Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion by Immunization with Lymphocytes. Index.

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