Clinical Bioenergetics, From Pathophysiology to Clinical Translation

Clinical Bioenergetics, From Pathophysiology to Clinical Translation

  • Provides a thorough discussion of foundational aspects of bioenergetics and disease, modes of analysis, and treatments for impaired bioenergetics
  • Discusses the role of bioenergetics and treatment pathways in brain injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychiatric disorders, pulmonary fibrosis, neurodegenerative disorders, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, obesity, and insulin resistance, among other diseases and disorders
  • Features chapter contributions from international leaders in translational bioenergetics research and clinical practice

Table Of Contents:

Part I: Foundational aspects of bioenergetics and disease
1. Tissue specificity of energy metabolism in mitochondria
2. Impaired mitochondrial bioenergetics and signaling pathways: an overview

Part II: Disease-specific case studies
3. Abnormal mitochondrial metabolism in obesity and insulin resistance
4. Impaired mitochondrial energy metabolism: etiologies and implications in neurodegenerative disease
5. Mitochondrial dysfunction in kidney diseases
6. Mitochondrial role in NAFLD as a chronic disease
7. Decreased bioenergetics in traumatic brain injury
8. Impaired mitochondrial bioenergetics in psychiatric disorders

Part III: Modes of analysis in clinical bioenergetics
9. Monitoring mitochondrial oxygenation in clinical environment
10. Assessing metabolic flexibility and mitochondrial bioenergetics
11. Assessing the real-time metabolism and bioenergetics of single cells using fluorescence biosensors
12. Bioenergetic profiling in the skin
13. Evaluating tissue bioenergetics by phosphorous-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy
14. Targeting respiratory complex Idmolecular mechanism and drug design

Part IV: Theraputic opportunities for impaired bioenergetics
15. Targeting Alzheimer’s disease neuronal mitochondria as a therapeutic approach
16. Mitochondria replacement as an innovative treatment to tackle impaired bioenergetics in clinical medicine
17. Mitochondrial drug delivery systems: therapeutic application for clinical bioenergetics in neurodegenerative disease
18. Dietary interventions for patients with obesity and impaired bioenergetics
19. Novel nutraceuticals to tackle brain and muscle bioenergetics
20. Therapeutic targeting of cardiolipin composition in injury and disease using TPP-conjugated compounds
21. NEET proteins as novel drug targets for mitochondrial dysfunction
22. Translation of bioenergetics therapies: challenges from bench to bedside
23. New therapeutics to modulate mitochondrial energy metabolism in neurodegenerative disorders: the example of mitochondrial disorders
24. Targeting impaired bioenergetics in heart failure
25. Exploring vulnerabilities of quiescent tumor cells by targeting mitochondrial bioenergetics
26. Modulation of the mitochondrial function with polyphenols and other natural bioactive compounds to treat obesity
27. Antioxidants and natural-derived products in the modulation of mitochondrial bioenergetics and dysfunction in chronic kidney disease models
28. Transcranial and systemic photobiomodulation for the enhancement of mitochondrial metabolism in depression
29. Alterations in mitochondrial glucose carbon metabolism in epilepsy and targeted metabolic treatments

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