Clinical Biochemistry, 6th Edition An Illustrated Colour Text

Clinical Biochemistry, 6th Edition An Illustrated Colour Text

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This comprehensively revised edition of Clinical Biochemistry offers essential reading for today’s students of medicine and other health science disciplines - indeed, anyone who requires a concise, practical introduction to the subject. Topics are clearly presented in a series of double-page ‘learning units’, each covering a particular aspect of clinical biochemistry. Four sections provide a core grounding in the subject:

  • Introducing clinical biochemistry gives an insight into how modern hospital laboratories work, and includes an entirely new series of learning units on the interpretation of test results
  • Core biochemistry covers the bulk of routine analyses, and their relevance to the clinical setting
  • Endocrinology provides an overview of endocrine investigations as well as a practical approach to thyroid, adrenal, pituitary and gonadal function testing
  • Specialised investigations embraces an assortment of other topics that students may encounter

This edition represents the most radical revision of the book to date. Every learning unit has been examined and updated to reflect current developments and clinical best practice. Entirely new material includes a series of learning units on interpretation and analytical aspects of clinical biochemistry. Coverage of fluid biochemistry is now more comprehensive. New "Want to know more?" links throughout the book point readers to relevant further information.

  • (Printed version) now includes the complete eBook version for the first time - downloadable for anytime access and enhanced with new, interactive multiple choice questions for each section, to test your understanding and aid exam preparation
Author Info By Michael Murphy, FRCP Edin FRCPath, Clinical Reader in Biochemical Medicine, University of Dundee, Dundee, UK ; Rajeev Srivastava, Consultant Clinical Biochemist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Glasgow, UK and Kevin Deans, PhD FRCP FRCPath, Consultant Clinical Biochemist, NHS Grampian, Aberdeen, UK

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Introducing clinical biochemistry

1 The clinical biochemistry laboratory

2 The use of the laboratory

3 Interpretation of results: general

4 Interpretation of results: diagnosis

5 Interpretation of results: monitoring

6 Analytical aspects

Part 2: Core biochemistry

7 Fluid and electrolytes: basic concepts

8 Water and sodium balance: physiological mechanisms

9 Hyponatraemia: pathophysiology

10 Hyponatraemia: assessment and management

11 Hypernatraemia

12 Hyperkalaemia

13 Hypokalaemia

14 Intravenous fluid therapy

15 Investigation of renal function (1)

16 Investigation of renal function (2)

17 Urinalysis

18 Proteinuria

19 Acute kidney injury

20 Chronic kidney disease

21 Acid-base: concepts and vocabulary

22 Metabolic acid-base disorders

23 Respiratory and mixed acid-base disorders

24 Acid-base disorders: diagnosis and management

25 Proteins and enzymes

26 Immunoglobulins

27 Myocardial infarction

28 Liver function tests

29 Jaundice

30 Liver disease

31 Glucose metabolism and diabetes mellitus

32 Diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus

33 Diabetic ketoacidosis

34 Hypoglycaemia

35 Calcium regulation and hypocalcaemia

36 Hypercalcaemia

37 Phosphate and magnesium

38 Metabolic bone disease

39 Osteoporosis and fragility fractures

Part 3: Endocrinology

40 Endocrine control

41 Dynamic function tests

42 Pituitary function

43 Growth disorders and acromegaly

44 Thyroid pathophysiology

45 Hypothyroidism

46 Hyperthyroidism

47 Adrenocortical pathophysiology

48 Hypofunction of the adrenal cortex

49 Hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex

50 Gonadal function

51 Subfertility

Part 4: Specialized investigations

52 Nutritional assessment

53 Nutritional support

54 Parenteral nutrition

55 The metabolic response to injury

56 Gastrointestinal disorders

57 Iron

58 Zinc and copper

59 Therapeutic drug monitoring

60 Toxicology

61 Metal poisoning

62 Alcohol

63 Ascites

64 Pleural fluid

65 Cerebrospinal fluid

66 Identification of body fluids

67 Lipoprotein metabolism

68 Clinical disorders of lipid metabolism

69 Hypertension

70 Cancer and its consequences

71 Tumour markers

72 Multiple endocrine neoplasia

73 Hyperuricaemia

74 Myopathy

75 Fetal monitoring and prenatal diagnosis

76 Pregnancy

77 Antenatal screening

78 Screening the newborn for disease

79 Paediatric biochemistry

80 Inborn errors of metabolism

81 Selected inherited disorders

Case history comments

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