Nano-Enabled Medical Applications 1st Edition

Nano-Enabled Medical Applications 1st Edition

This book is the second in a series presenting articles that received the most citations in recent years in nanomedicine. The series is edited by, a prominent nanotechnology researcher and editor-in-chief of Precision Nanomedicine. The theme of the second volume is about nano-enabled medical applications. The 19 articles collected here have already acquired more than 12,500 citations highlighting the importance and professional recognition of the work of these scientists in nanomedicine. The content includes the general overview of the field and a wide variety of applications that have been impossible without nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Table of Contents

Intelligent nanomaterials for medicine: Carrier platforms and targeting strategies: State of the Art

G. B. Salieb-Beugelaar et al.

Nanocarriers as an Emerging Platform for Cancer Therapy

Dan Peer et al.

Microfluidic Technologies for Accelerating the Clinical Translation of Nanoparticles

Pedro M. Valencia et al.

Theranostic Nanomedicine

Twan Lammers et al.

The Emerging Field of RNA Nanotechnology

Peixuan Guo

Drug Targeting to Tumors: Principles, Pitfalls and (Pre-) Clinical Progress

Twan Lammers et al.

Biomolecular coronas provide the biological identity of nanosized materials

Marco P. Monopoli et al.

Protein–Nanoparticle Interactions

Iseult Lynch and Kenneth A. Dawson

Rapid Formation of Plasma Protein Corona Critically Affects Nanoparticle Pathophysiology

Stefan Tenzer et al

Normalization of Tumour Blood Vessels Improves the Delivery of Nanomedicines in a Size-Dependent Manner

Vikash P. Chauhan et al.

The Properties and Applications of Nanodiamonds

Vadym N. Mochalin et al.

Nanotechnological Strategies for Engineering Complex Tissues

Tal Dvir et al.

Promises, Facts and Challenges for Carbon Nanotubes in Imaging and Therapeutics

K. Kostarelos, A. Bianco, and M.Prato

In vivo Biodistribution and Highly Efficient Tumour Targeting of Carbon Nanotubes in Mice

Zhuang Liu et al.

A Pilot Study in Non-Human Primates Shows No Adverse Response to Intravenous Injection of Quantum Dots

Ling Ye et al.

Nanomedicines for ocular NSAIDs: State-of-Art Update of the Safety on Drug Delivery

Joana R. Campos et al.

Rare Earth Nanoparticles Prevent Retinal Degeneration Induced by Intracellular Peroxides

Junping Chen et al.

Nanomechanical Analysis of Cells from Cancer Patients

Sarah E. Cross et al.

Multi-Electrode Array Technologies for Neuroscience and Cardiology

Micha E. Spira and Aviad Hai

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