Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Fundamentals and practical Applications by Prof C. Demetzos * ΒΡΑΒΕΙΟ ΑΚΑΔΗΜΙΑΣ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ 2018 *

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Fundamentals and practical Applications by Prof C. Demetzos * ΒΡΑΒΕΙΟ ΑΚΑΔΗΜΙΑΣ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ 2018 *


C.Demetzos, Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanotechnology. Director in the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology, Department of Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; President of Hellenic Pharmaceutical Society (HPS)


(…) of particular importance to those of us engaged in drug delivery, is the role of nanotechnology in advancing the science of therapeutics and their application in the clinic. Prof.Demetzos monograph  (….) is a unique publication designed to serve as a scientific textbook  for those involved in new technologies, especially nanotechnology in pharmaceutics…

Prof. Gregory Gregoriadis

‘’The purpose is to detail scientific principles and applications of nanotechnology in diagnostics and drug delivery. Fundamental principles and applications of nanotechnology in therapeutics are useful to many scientists. Those who are interested in understanding the basics of nanotechnology will find this useful. The target audience is young scientists, but the book is expected to be helpful to graduate students as well. The author is an experienced scientist and academician in the field of nanotechnology."

Rahmat M. Talukder, Doody's Book Reviews, August, 2016


The monograph’s highlights

  • A brief historical overview of Nanotechnology and its applications in health sciences.
  • Approach to a more rational definition on what a medicine is
  • The properties of biomolecules as basic elements in living matter and their contribution in the evolution of life. Their role as artificial matrixes and networks for designing scaled dependence complex nanosytemsfor delivering drugs to the target tissues.
  • The role of cell membranes, their order and non-order phases, the physical variability of membranes, their biophysical behaviour and their functionality as ideal promoters for designing innovative nanomedicines.
  • Biophysical Disease Factor. The biophysical basis of diseases
  • Thermodynamical issues of nanosystems and their properties as ‘thermodynamical traps’promoting the functionality and effectiveness of drug delivery nanosystems.The role of Physical, Thermodynamical andBiological stability of nanosystems in their effectiveness against various diseases. Physical and microscopical techniques.
  • Comments such as : ‘Nanosystems that can be characterized as nanorobotics are very difficult to be developed due to their complexity (…) and their ‘thermodynamic abnormalities’ lead to their instability (…).’, are extensively discussed in the chapters of the monograph.
  • Diagnosis, imaging, nanosensors, theranostics, are presented in the monograph as high priority health approaches.
  • Drug deliverynanosystems, stimuli (pH and thermo) responsiveness of nanoparticulate platforms such as liposomes,withtheir applications in therapeutics, are discussed in depth. Polymers, their role in drug delivery,chimeric and smart nanosystems and theiruniqueness, are some of the main points and highlights of the book.
  • The ‘National Cancer Institute’ in the NCI Alliance for nanotechnology in cancer, emphasizesthe main sectors that are including and discussed in the monograph. Nanobiotechnology, nanogenomics, nanoproteomics and vaccines are also included in the monograph in the 4th Tables with examples of products in market are incorporated in the chapter 4, as well.
  • The presentation of modified nanotechnological formulations in drug delivery offer the knowledge regarding the improvements in the release profile of drugs. Tables with bio-inspired, biomimetic and bioengineered nanosystems offer to the reader a massive overview on what is in market or in clinical trials.
  • Nanotoxicity issues and regulatory framework are provide the current status for approving nanomedicines and the concerns for improve the safety and effectiveness of nanomedicines.
  • The monograph of Prof. Costas Demetzos entitled ‘Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology. Fundamentals and Practical applications’, highlights many well-known and scientifically established views,mainly from biology, physics, thermodynamics and links them with new technologies and new insights on the diagnosis, imaging and treatment of diseases, using the field of nanotechnology. Provides a novel approach to understanding bio-inspired nanotechnological systems for pharmaceutical applications by correlating their physicochemical, biophysical and thermodynamic behaviours with those of a living organism



  • Biophysical basis of Diseases
  • This textbook explains the fundamental aspects of nanotechnology and fills the gap between bio-inspired nanotechnological systems and functionality of living organisms, introducing new insights to their physicochemical, biophysical and thermodynamic behaviour.
    Addressed to all those involved in recent advances in pharmaceutics, this book is divided in three major parts: Part A refers to the physicochemical and thermodynamics aspects of nanosystems, wherein their biophysical behaviour is correlated with that of the cells of living organisms; Part B refers to the application of nanotechnology in imaging, diagnostics and therapeutics; Part C is focused on issues regarding safety and nanotoxicity of nanosystems, and the regulatory framework that surrounds these. The text promotes the concept that biophysics, thermodynamics and nanotechnology are considered to be emerging tools that, when approached within regulatory boundaries, provide new and integrated knowledge for the production of new medicines.
  • Provides a novel approach to understanding bio-inspired nanotechnological systems for pharmaceutical applications by correlating their physicochemical, biophysical and thermodynamic behaviours with those of a living organism
  • Appendices and detailed descriptions of techniques for practical applications act as an easy reference for the reader
  • Chapters on nanotoxicity, safety and regulation inform the reader on the approval process for nanotechnological systems as pharmaceutics
  • Fundamentals of Physical Pharmacy: The Biophysics of Nanosystems

    Demetzos, Costas

    Pages 17-61

  • Application of Nanotechnology in Imaging and Diagnostics

    Demetzos, Costas

    Pages 65-75

  • Application of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery and Targeting

    Demetzos, Costas

    Pages 77-145

  • Application of Nanotechnology in Modified Release Systems

    Demetzos, Costas

    Pages 149-173

  • Nanotoxicity and Biotoxicity

    Demetzos, Costas

    Pages 175-188

  • Regulatory Framework for Nanomedicines

    Demetzos, Costas

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