Personalized Exposure Therapy. A Person-Centered Transdiagnostic Approach

Personalized Exposure Therapy. A Person-Centered Transdiagnostic Approach

Evidence overwhelmingly shows that exposure therapy is effective for the treatment of anxiety and related disorders. Its adoption into clinical practice has been slow, however-in part because the available one-size-fits-all manuals often leave patients and clinicians unsatisfied.

Personalized Exposure Therapy provides expert guidance to clinicians on conducting exposure-based interventions in a targeted and flexible fashion. Providing detailed information on a range of strategies for maximizing clinical outcomes from exposure, this book features a case formulation approach that personalizes the timing and nature of exposure practice. Case examples, scripts, and worksheets, presented in a practical, mentor-based format for planning and enacting individual sessions, ensure that clinical procedures are readily accessible for in-session use. Personalized Exposure Therapy is appropriate for early-career and experienced clinicians alike, and will also be suitable for use in graduate courses in clinical psychology, counselling, social work, nursing and psychiatry.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Thinking Through Exposure
Chapter 3: General Approach
Chapter 4: Assessing Success
Chapter 5: Fear of Emotions and Related Physical Sensations
Chapter 6: Fear of People
Chapter 7: Fear of Thoughts, Images, & Trauma Memories
Chapter 8: Combining Exposure Therapy with Medications
Chapter 9: Assessment Strategies
Chapter 10: Psychoeducation About Anxiety, Fear, and the Role of Exposure
Chapter 11: Bibliography

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