Statistics in Nutrition and Dietetics

Statistics in Nutrition and Dietetics

Statistics in Nutrition and Dietetics is a clear and accessible volume introducing the basic concepts of the scientific method, statistical analysis, and research in the context of the increasingly evidence-based field of nutrition and dietetics. Focusing on quantitative analysis and drawing on short, practical exercises and real-world examples, this reader-friendly textbook helps students understand samples, principles of measurement, confidence intervals, the theoretical basis and practical application of statistical tests, and more.

  • Includes numerous examples and exercises that demonstrate how to compute the relevant outcome measures for a variety of tests, both by hand and using SPSS
  • Provides access to online resources, including analysis-ready data sets, flow charts, further readings and a range of instructor materials such as PowerPoint slides and lecture notes
  • Ideal for demystifying statistical analysis for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Table of contents

About the Author ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgements xv

About the Companion Website xvii

Part 1 Setting the Statistical Scene 1

Chapter 1 The Scientific Method 3

Chapter 2 Populations and Samples 31

Chapter 3 Principles of Measurement 71

Chapter 4 Probability and Types of Distribution 95

Chapter 5 Confidence Intervals and Significance Testing 115

Part 2 Statistical Tests 131

Chapter 6 Two Sample Comparisons for Normal Distributions: The t-test 135

Chapter 7 Nonparametric Two-Sample Tests 155

Chapter 8 Contingency Tables, Chi-Squared Test, and Fisher’s Exact Test 167

Chapter 9 McNemar’s Test 195

Chapter 10 Association: Correlation and Regression 205

Chapter 11 Analysis of Variance 227

Part 3 Doing Research 249

Chapter 12 Design, Sample Size, and Power 251

Chapter 13 Describing Statistical Models and Selecting Appropriate Tests 263

Chapter 14 Designing a Research Protocol 267

Chapter 15 Presenting Results to Different Audiences 283

Part 4 Solutions to Exercises 299

Appendix A1 Probabilities (P) of the Binomial Distribution for n, r, and p (Based on Sample Proportions) or π (Proportion in the Population) 323

Appendix A2 Areas in the Tail of the Normal Distribution 341

Appendix A3 Areas in the Tail of the t Distribution 343

Appendix A4 Wilcoxon U Statistic (Mann–Whitney Test) 345

Appendix A5 Wilcoxon T Statistic 347

Appendix A6 Sign Test Statistic R 349

Appendix A7 Percentages in the Tail of the Chi-Squared Distribution 351

Appendix A8 Quantiles of the Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient 353

Appendix A9 Percentages in the Tail of the F Distribution 355

Appendix A10 Flow Chart for Selecting Statistical Tests 363

Index 365

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